Intermediate Club Competition

Netball Waitakere Intermediate Club competition is run during the winter season. Teams will play on a Saturday Morning.

The amount of teams that register for the competition will determine how many grades there are and will also determine how many teams are in each grade. 

Promotion/Relegation takes part after Round 1, based on points, two teams from each grade will go up a grade and two teams from each grade will go down a grade. 

If you are looking for a club to join, please refer to our clubs tab, CLICK HERE


The NW Membership fee for each Intermediate Club team for 2024 is $504.85 (incl.GST)

2024 Affiliation Fees (Additional to NW Fee)

- Netball New Zealand = $40.00 per team

- Netball Northern Zone = $86.00 per team

total Fee = $630.85

Registration Close Date: 12th April 2024

Fees Due Date: 20th April 2024 

For more information about Intermediate Club competition, please contact, our Games Administrator, 

This year, we are using the Sporty NZ App as an effective way to keep in touch with all of our members! All you have to do is click on the box above and follow the steps to download the app and subscribe to the competition that you are involved with. Once you have done this, you will be the first to recieve any new/important information regarding your specific competition via a notification similar to a text.