WASSC - West Auckland Secondary School Competition

Netball Waitakere WASSC competition is split into two different areas of competition and has a set of WASSC regulations that help to ensure maximum participation of secondary school students  - 

  • WASSC Premier and Seniors - Year 11, Year 12 & Year 13
  • WASSC Year 9 & Year 10 

WASSC Premier & Senior competition is run on a Tuesday afternoon/evening with the first game starting at 5:00 pm and on the hour thereafter indoor and outdoor.

WASSC Year 9 & Year 10 competition is run on a Saturday morning.

All games are 40 minutes long - 4 x 10 minute quarters with breaks in between. 

All WASSC fees for 2022 is $734.90 each team

For more information about the WASSC competition, please contact games@netballwaitakere.co.nz

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